We help customers orchestrate changes and help them evolve their organizations and business processes in terms of agility and speed. We transform data into actionable insights and furthermore into action.

Our ability to analyse data, understand its meaning and create models/predictions are the key fundamentals used to design and implement business improvements.

Axiologo works with customers to define transformation goals, shape initiatives and actionable plans and finally implement them. Our  business consultants are specialized in change management and true believers that people are the ones that drive change.


Every organization consists of individuals and teams whose performance depends on skills, motivation and working methods.

Our team enablement services address all of the above. We help teams increase their understanding of data science. We can help develop their skills and consequently increase their motivation to lead a challenging transformation project. And we help establish effective data analysis and management working processes in organizations. Services range from one-day workshops to longer educational programs that build data science skills.

We strongly believe that people are transforming data into action.


Advanced data analytics and the use of data models are provided to users through customer-focused applications. Data science concepts are used to analyze data, extract insights and help users make the right business decisions and optimize business processes.

We understand the importance of helping users achieve their goals in an effective way and strive to develop applications that are likeable and learnable.

Data and data insight visualizations are the core of our applications as they help users make the right business decisions.


Data strategy and data management frameworks are topics that need to be addressed together with any data driven approach. We help customers design and implement data management solutions in a manner that will serve their today’s and future needs.

Data science offers many ways and methods to find insights, present and interpret them and build data driven models. We pride ourselves with being highly knowledgeable and experienced to advise the most suitable data science approach for a specific topic.

They range from simpler statistical methods to standard modelling techniques like classifications and regressions and all the way to unsupervised learning methods and deep learning.


With our experience in understanding each company specific situation, capabilities and preferences we can help you optimize your investments into AI.

We confidently facilitate team discussions about which use cases, what data, what techniques and tools can be used; how to integrate them into existing workflows and how to address openness for change and closer collaboration.

The results are typically clear priorities, project roadmaps and aligned teams.