Revolutionizing Data Management in Pharma: The DaQ Project with Novartis

Axiologo, in collaboration with Novartis, has spearheaded the DaQ project, a groundbreaking initiative leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance pharmaceutical data management. This project aimed to digitize, integrate, and improve the quality of vast data sets across Novartis’ operations, setting a new standard for data utilization in the pharmaceutical industry.

Project Overview

Key Goals:

  • Digitization: Convert all paper-based and tacit knowledge into digital data.
  • Integration: Employ advanced ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to unify disparate data sources.
  • Quality Enhancement: Implement automated mechanisms for continuous data quality improvements.

Technologies Deployed:

  • ETL and Processing: Python and Talend for efficient data integration.
  • Validation: Python scripts and Excel templates for stringent data validation.
  • Automation and Interface: Airflow for task scheduling; Dash and Python for user-friendly front-end development.


  • Comprehensive Data Integration: Successfully integrated data from diverse departments such as pre-formulation, manufacturing, and bioequivalence studies into a single, accessible platform.
  • Quality and Accessibility: Enhanced data quality and accessibility, enabling better decision-making and fostering innovation.

The Path Forward

The DaQ project’s success marks a pivotal moment for Novartis, laying the groundwork for future data-driven initiatives. This integrated data environment is poised to accelerate pharmaceutical research and development, opening new avenues for innovation and efficiency.