Revolutionizing R&D with Data : Batch insights - The Data Insights and Analytics Project with Sandoz

In an ambitious collaboration, Axiologo and Sandoz have launched the Data Insights and Analytics project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming the pharmaceutical research and development landscape through advanced data analytics and visualization. This project represents a monumental step forward, providing R&D teams with unparalleled access to comprehensive data insights, thereby streamlining the drug development process and enhancing communication across departments.

Project Overview

Key Goals:

  • Data Utilization: To harness the full potential of existing data, allowing experts to access vast reserves of experience and knowledge previously untapped.
  • Performance Insights: Enable detailed comparison of batches and identification of performance shifts due to variations in bill of materials (BOM), APIs, excipients, and machine settings, addressing the challenges posed by manual data analysis.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate improved communication between departments by providing a unified platform for data sharing and analysis, thereby overcoming the constraints of time-consuming data handling processes.

Technologies Deployed:

  • Python and Dash: Chosen for their robust capabilities in handling front-end development, enabling the creation of an intuitive platform for data interaction.
  • Plotly for Custom Visualizations: Utilized to develop bespoke visualizations and graphs, significantly aiding in the interpretation and analysis of complex data sets.


  • Custom Visualization Development: Overcame major challenges by iteratively creating tailored visualizations, thereby improving the utility and user-friendliness of data presentations for various R&D teams and regular production.
  • Operational Transformation: The introduction of the ‘Batch Insights’ platform revolutionized how data is shared and analyzed within drug development, establishing it as the default communication tool across teams.
  • Significant Efficiency Gains: Achieved a remarkable 22% reduction in drug development time, significantly impacting the time to market and overall profitability of drugs.

The Path Forward

The success of the Data Insights and Analytics project underscores the critical role of data in modern pharmaceutical R&D and regular production. By providing teams with the tools they need to efficiently analyze and share data, Sandoz has set a new standard for innovation and efficiency in drug development. Looking ahead, this project paves the way for further advancements in data-driven R&D processes, promising to bring about even more significant improvements in productivity and collaboration across the pharmaceutical industry.

This initiative marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of pharmaceutical manufacturing, demonstrating the transformative power of AI and custom data analytics in accelerating drug development and fostering a culture of collaboration and efficiency.